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Hiya friends, welcome @ my blog

My name is Wolfgang

I`am from Germany, and life in the Austrian Alps.
I`am 51 Years old or young....

I love Siberian Huskies, and I`am a member
of some native Organizations worldwide,
I love the wolves and I do also a lot
for this beautiful animals in some Organizations...

I have a wonderful daughter, 14 years old,

Now, i wish you a peaceful time here

Mita`kuye `ayasin - we are relatives


The Great Spirit is in all things,
he is in the air we breathe.
The Great Spirit is our Father,
but the Earth is our Mother.
She nourishes us,
that which we put into the ground
she returns to us....

(Big Thunder - Wabanaki Algonquin)



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Big City Indians from Austria

Big City Indians from Austria

Monday, February 16, 2009

Glenn T. Morris, AIM Colorado

If people are genuinely interested
in honoring Indians, try getting
your government to live up to the more
than 400 treaties it signed with our nations.
Try respecting our religious freedom
which has been repeatedly denied in federal courts.
Try stopping the ongoing theft of Indian water
and other natural resources. Try reversing
your colonial process that relegates us
to the most impoverished, polluted,
and desperate conditions in this country...
Try understanding that the mascot issue
is only the tip of a very huge problem
of continuing racisim against American Indians.
Then maybe your "honors" will mean something.
Until then, it's just so much superficial,
hypocritical puffery. People should remember
that an honor isn't born when it parts
the honorer's lips, it is born when
it is accepted in the honoree's ear.

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...Glenn T. Morris, AIM Colorado

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