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The Great Spirit is in all things,
he is in the air we breathe.
The Great Spirit is our Father,
but the Earth is our Mother.
She nourishes us,
that which we put into the ground
she returns to us....

(Big Thunder - Wabanaki Algonquin)



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Big City Indians from Austria

Big City Indians from Austria

Monday, October 27, 2008

Ways of the Ojibwe

Grandfather Sun/Mother Earth

The Ojibwe People have always honored the physical world:
the sun, the earth, the moon, and the stars,
as well as other natural wonders,
such as lightning and thunder.
The most important of these are the sun and the earth.

The sun, which is often referred to as "Grandfather Sun,"
is typically associated with the male and fatherhood.
Similarly, the female and motherhood are associated with "Mother Earth."
Ojibwe traditional beliefs teach us that just as men
and women are very different, so are the sun and the earth.
To put it very simply, the sun puts life into all things
and the earth sustains all life. As always in the Ojibwe tradition,
all natural beings are intertwined,
so whether you are talking about the man and the woman,
or the sun and the earth, it is important to remember
that one cannot give or sustain life without the other.

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The Ojibwe believe that the natural elements
and the human experience are also interconnected.
Take for example the daily occurrence of dawn and dusk.
Each day, with the rising of the sun,
a human being is given a new day just as the flowers open
and the animals stir with life. In the same way,
when the sun sets, all life rests: animals, plants
and humans go back to sleep.
The Ojibwe People thank the Great Creator every day
for giving them life.

Another connection between human experience
and nature is the concept of ownership.
Ojibwe tradition says that no man can own his mother,
and no man can own the earth. But, just as a mother grows old
and must be taken care of by her children,
so must Mother Earth be taken care
of by her inhabitants, or children.

As you can see, Ojibwe beliefs are rich
with explanations about the secrets of life.
These are just explanations - the Ojibwe People
do not believe that they have solved the mystery
of our universe or the Great Creator,
for it is that unsolved mystery which is the beauty of life.


1 comment:

sandra said...

A wonderful blog for our native brothers and sisters.
If you don't mind, I have added this and your earth blog links on my blogger..so that others many also enjoy the great work you have done,,
thank you
~peace & blessings~

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